Press Solutions Now Offers AMP

//Press Solutions Now Offers AMP

Press Solutions Now Offers AMP

We’re excited to announce that Press Solutions have added AMP to its website design services.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) enables web content to load super fast; it’s all easy to explore. Many websites can take several seconds to load or, because the user abandons a slow page, never fully loads at all. Accelerated Mobile Pages are web pages designed to load near instantaneously – they are a step towards a better mobile web for all of us.

All published content, from news stories to videos and from blogs to photographs and GIFs, will all work with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Most importantly, AMP pages appear at the TOP of Google, giving your website pages precedence over other websites which do not feature this service.

New and current Press Solutions customers will have the option of only £15.00 pa if they decide on AMP for their website.