Are You Ready For 2019?

//Are You Ready For 2019?

Are You Ready For 2019?

Are you ready for 2019? Is your website ready for 2019? This white paper is designed and written to help you review your website and titivate it for the New Year.

When it comes to reassessing your website, forward planning is necessary. For instance, if you want to feature a Halloween style theme to your website, this may involve a team meeting around the beginning of September. Preparation and calendar scheduling is vital to implementation.

Whether you are a business that holds weekly team meetings or are a self-employed individual, now is the perfect time to re-access your website, your social media approach and start getting creative. It is the perfect time to get inspired and note down all the things you’d like to implement that you neglected during the past year.

Here are a few ideas that you might like to consider for 2019…

Make the changes you’ve been putting off

Are there page ideas sat around that you’ve not yet finished? Do you have comments full of spam that haven’t yet been deleted? Did you ever get to that analytics project, or did you mean to install that search engine optimisation software and never quite got around to it? It’s now time to pay attention to all those changes you’ve been procrastinating over. Maybe you’ve wanted to do more to reach your target audience. There is no better time than now to reflect on your website for 2019; a fresh start, creative ideas and renewed confidence.

Optimise your workflow

This is a really good time of year to start optimising your workflow…in other words, once the crackers have been pulled and Monopoly has been won, get down to some workflow analytics. Think carefully about all the ideas you’d like to put to your customers. Can you offer them an even better, dedicated service? If you aren’t continuing with a service, don’t show yourself doing it on social media and in blogs. Take the time to fully map out how and when you will be working for your clients, and do it well with 100% commitment. Never start a job or continue with one unless you can give it your full attention; your customers deserve that. While you’re attracting new customers and clients, make sure you look after the ones you already have. This can be a low-risk time of year, so explore those new possibilities and services.

A New Digital Experience?

Websites are built on different platforms. Many hosting providers supply different tools and features. Whatever hosting provider you are with, make sure it does what you need it to do. How are page load times? Are you getting the right website performance? Are you getting value for money? Do you need to switch from a shared to a dedicated server? Make sure the hosting company you are with is well-equipped for the ever-changing web. There is no better time than now to get the ball rolling.

Get inspired and experiment

Although this is generally a season to spend some quality time with friends or family, why not splurge some time reflecting on the past year? Look at how other businesses market themselves; examine closely their communication platforms and their branding consistency. Much inspiration and creativity can be gained by observing other businesses and their advertising approach.

Experiment with ideas, colours, quirky designs and fonts.

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